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Billing Solutions

Surgeon and surgical assistant billing differs in many ways from standard medical billing, which is why it’s wise to use a medical services provider company like ProAssist. Our years of experience in this field of specialized medical billing enable us to absorb the changing regulations of insurance companies and states, which means that you get error-free service.

At ProAssist Surgical Associates, our billing of medical services in all its separate categories will free you to focus on what you do best. We offer a smooth and rapid processing of transactions that takes into account the latest billing regulations, ensuring that your reimbursement will be handled quickly and efficiently.

We take pride in our speed but do not sacrifice our accuracy as we navigate the state and federal regulations that can trip up so many offices. We have helped both independent practitioners and multi-member practices across the United States.

Let us take over your surgeon and surgical assistant billing and give you one less worry as you build your practice. Call us at 888-319-9165 for a free consultation with one of our billing specialists.

Our Billing Services Staff

Our veteran billing staff features highly trained, dedicated people who are all AMBA-certified. We also employ licensed, certified CPT coders. We concentrate on surgeon and surgical assistant billing in all medical specialties with these elements:

» Practice Partner Billing with data storage and processing
» Electronic and/or paper billing
» Customized and aggressive billing strategies
» Rapid electronic reimbursement and paperless work flow
» Billing transparency - Personalized billing reports.

We know this industry and how much time and energy can be spent on billing medical services. That’s why we want to take on this time-consuming task and liberate you forever from the burden of medical billing.

We stay abreast of billing industry changes and guidelines so that you don’t have to. That way, you can dedicate yourself to being a better surgical first assistant. In short, we both win.

Call ProAssist Surgical Associates today at 888-319-9165 to discuss your immediate and future surgical assistant billing needs.